Saturday, October 13, 2001

Session Details

Life just got a little bit Funky!!!

Hair - check, make up - check, pristine white clothes - check, fake smiles - check, stressed out parents - check, stressed out photographer - check check!

Ok so you can 'check' all those things off your list as Annie won't even go there!

Your photographic session will be fresh, fun and funky! Whilst Annie has a few suggestions to get the most out of your day, most of the photographs taken will be photojournalistic in style, capturing natural moments as they happen; giggles from raspberry's on bellies from Dad, tickles from Mum, the innocence in your little ones eyes, the joy of bubble blowing, squabbles between siblings, toddler tantrums - yes Annie has seen it all before {and captured it forever}!

Length of Session

The length of the session depends on the package you choose. Most family sessions are between 1-3 hours long and involve going out to multiple locations in the area, or we can just hang at your place!

Time of Session

The time of day is important as without natural light, we get no pictures! Sessions start as early as 7am {madness I know}; littly's quite often get up very early and they're more likely to be fresh and full of energy {and cheekiness}!

The summer months can be very hot, so its important to avoid the midday heat. Sessions will therefore only be booked early morning, or in the afternoon after 3.30pm.

WWP - Wet Weather Plan

You gotta love Queensland; beautiful one day, pouring with rain the next! Its always good to have a WWP! If you're all up for hanging out in the rain with brightly coloured umbrellas and gum boots then so am I! Most people however prefer not to look like drowned rats! Annie will monitor the weather for the week, if it looks dodgy then she will contact you and arrange a different day that will suit everyone.

What to Wear & Bring

Your session is all about you, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Bring a few outfits, dress up clothes for your littlens and don't forget the accessories! Beanies on baby's, tutu's on toddlers - yeah why not!

Just remember that your choice in clothes really can make the session, so coordinate where you can but ultimately be yourself! If you're having problems finding something to wear, give me a call, I love shopping for other people!

Bring along some snacks, drinks, nibbly's, bubbly {haha just kidding - although not a bad idea}, a little bit of lip gloss, sun block, some hair accessories and of course baby wipes!

After the session

Sit back, relax and wait for the posty to deliver your CD and print order. This is usually 2-4 weeks after the shoot. Annie will advise if there are any delays.

Full payment is required prior to delivery

Payment options are available on request

Edited images are at the discretion of the photographer. These will always be the best images from the session. Additional images can be edited on request but incur an extra charge of $15 per image.

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