Sunday, May 7, 2006

Australia Zoo! May 2006

It was Ollie's 7th birthday and he wanted to spend it at Aussie Zoo. Its about a 30-40min drive from where we are, so didn't take long and the views were great! The zoo itself, an amazing place, Stevie baby and his family have put their hearts and a lot of cash into it. Such a shame he died , he really was a great great man.

As it was Ollie's birthday the girl at the door gave him a present (a rubber croc) and we got our pic taken with a snake for free! The animal shows were fab and conservation was discussed the whole way through. Steve was alive when we went, but we didn't see him - he was off motorbiking around the USA apparently!

It was a great day, Ollie loved it! When we got home we lit up his birthday cake and had a glass of bubbly (the adults that is)!

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