Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cania Gorge Camping!

In the outback!!! It was great, long drive tho with 3 boys, not sure I could do it again! Even Mark started drinking by the end of the week! Campsite, great very basic. Temps drop well below freezing at night, around 27-32 during day so extremes of temperature! We did lots of climbing and walking (hours and hours of it) but it wore the boys out! Aboriginal artwork amazing and approx 19,000 years old (can that be right?) Anyway, wildlife very full on, met some Bettongs (strange kangeroo rat like things that bounce) they quite liked our camp fire (the heat, we didn't roast it). When we set up camp we realised just how inexperienced we were with camping (we'd forgotten useful things like; food,saucepans,oil and an axe)! It was like a scene out of carry on camping! Thats when Mark started drinking! Fellow campers took pitty on us and lent us stuff (plus it shut the kids up as we could feed them)! All in all a wonderful trip, love the outback, not sure I'd live there tho, bit remote!

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