Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wow, a year already!

Time to reflect on everything that's happened to us since we moved over here! We've done so much its going to be difficult! I'll do highs and lows!

High - landing on a beautiful day, 35 degrees, not too humid and being met at the airport by our wonderful friends!
Low - buying a Landrover Discovery for $15,000 only for it to keep on breaking down - what a rip off!
Even lower - going back to Jackson's Car Yard in Brisbane, to find its mysteriously disappeared!
High - driving up the Bruce Hwy seeing the Glasshouse Mountains, rainforest and gorgeous beaches!
High - moving into fab house at Peregian near Noosa!
Low - it rained, the patio doors leaked - a lot! Place infested by Redbacks and roaches.
High - getting Clinical Nurse post at Noosa Hospital
Low - finding out its run by a bunch of freaky lesbo's with no sense of humour (didn't take job)
High - kids starting at Eumundi State School
High - getting Nurse Practitioning job here >

High - getting a kayak!

Low - taking the kayak round Noosa Heads and almost drowning (the day affectionately referred to as the 'day I nearly died')

High - Ollie's 7th birthday at Australia Zoo!
Low - Stevie Irwin dying - never forget that day.
High (ish) Mark getting a job (evenings)
Low - its stacking shelves at BigW (ah well gotta start somewhere)
High - Cania Gorge camping! Fab time, sitting round camp fire with glass of wine just chilling!
High - Moreton Island - surfing,sand skiing,bush walking, snorkelling, dolphins, quad biking - we did it!
Low - Mark breaking his ring finger - unable to work (no Cliff I wasn't ripping the wedding ring from him again)
High - meeting our good mates Susie and Rich! (we've shared a lot of good times)
Low - Coff's Harbour holiday, what a disappointment, nothing there and I got chickenpox!
High - finding Springbrook NP on way back from Coffs, gorgeous rainforest and waterfalls
High - Brisbane River Fest - bloody spectacular!
High - Coolum Kite Fest - Wow, we danced all night, sand between our toes!
Low - hours reduced at work, hardly any $$$$'s coming in
High - selling Landrover Disco and getting a Hyundai Sante Fe (luxery)
Low - taking said Sante Fe to North Shore and getting bogged along Freshwater Creek in middle of nowhere (well it felt like it)

High - good old Aussie blokes coming to rescue and getting us unbogged!
High - friends from Perth coming over (Hi Gail and Paul)!
High - sunsets, scenery,surfing,wearing bikini's whenever I want!
Low - first parking ticket (parked in space reserved for boat trailers - oops)
High - sis coming to stay.
Even higher - flying to Hamilton Island and the reef for a break!
Low - sis and friend not getting on, low atmosphere in house
High - driving with my sis in my little RAV, music blaring and heading down beach!
High - Peregian Originals - fab music fest held alternate Sundays at Peregian beach, meeting mates there and taking some bubbly and dips - lurrrvly!
Low - Christmas away from family
High - Christmas on the beach with Susie,Rich and parents!
High - swimming in Kondilia Falls rockpool! It's freezing!
High - tea and scones at Poets Cafe, Montville! How marvellous!
High - a night away from the kids at Secrets Treetop cabins! Wow, what a plush place, lots of champers and lovin!
High - getting patio doors fixed, no more leaks! (or so we think!!!!)

High - Aaron's first school camp! Away for 3 days!

Low - missing my mates, lots! Stacey, Hopkins, Winter,Chell,Rats,Kats - miss you all SO much!
High - making lots of new friends, June, Og,Jenny, Shane, Jo, Susie,Vicky,Debs,Sandy,Mandy,Cliff,Lacey,Di - you're all great!

High - Mark passing selection process for Queensland Police!
Low - Qld police not getting arses into gear and Mark waiting over 6mths for appointment!
High - Mark starting with Qld Police!
Low - he's away for 19 weeks training!

High - Sitting under a palm tree, reading a book on my day off!

Low - heat rash and chaffing (apparently theres cream you can rub in - oooo errr missus)

So lots of highs and lows, more to come! Do we miss the UK???? At this present time - nope!

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