Friday, July 6, 2007

Christmas in July has come around again! Lots of celebration going on, carol singers,festive decorations and those of us that 'bar humbug' the whole event (surely once a year is enough????) Noosa has been busy busy busy! Firstly we had the Noosa Long Weekend (bit boring really - consisted of arty farty talks by local artists and celebs)! This weekend is the King of the Hill Motor Rally - bit more excitment for the boys - lots of classic cars hooning it around the streets of Noosa, Cooroy and Pomona in a race to reach Pomona Mountain. I suspect there'll be a few spinal injuries airlifted out!

Weather still chilly at night but just glorious during the day! Still can't get over the fact that people are sunbathing on the beaches!!!!! WTF????? Its 21 degrees for heavens sake - put some clothes on!

The boys have enjoyed a very chilled out half term! So chilled out in fact they've done absolutely nothing! Cameron has slept in till 11am most days, Ollie and Aaron have been a little more active and managed to move the joystick on the X-Box at least 90 degrees! Phew! They must be exhausted!

Mark continues to enjoy work, hes affectionately earnt the name 'Frankie' by his colleagues (for the obvious reason of being like Frank Spencer)! They've all told him, if he's not being taken the piss out of - then theres something wrong! He works long shifts and never seems to get a day off, but he's happy!

I finally told the AMC (Australian Medical Centres) to shove it! Received a much nicer offer at a Cosmetic and Specialist Centre in Noosa, school hours, 5 days a week and I can still work as a Nurse Practitioner! On top of that free Botox!!!! What more could a girl want?

More of my photographs have been published in SALT magazine - always nice to see, although I wouldn't mind a mention in the credits!

Next week we fly to Cairns! My fear of flying has been reduced thanks to my GP's introduction of an anti anxiety drug into my daily diet. On top of that shes prescribed Valium just to make sure I get on the plane (tickets are non-refundable as flying Jetstar - cheap no frills airline possibly powered by elastic bands and flown by pimply 18 year olds)! Oh God - the nerves are kicking in again! Very much looking forward to seeing Emma,James,Erin and Jedcia!

Thanks again to Katy for sending out much needed supplies of Custard Creams and Bourbon Biccies! Thanks to Dad for agreeing to send out some more Bisto and Oxo cubes! Sarah-J a HUGE THANK YOU for sending out the fab UK magazines! Great to catch up with Heat and all that goss! I see Britters is still trampy! Fern are you out of plaster yet? (the girls constantly plastered)! Received some lovely emails from family and friends, and some from complete strangers who like this site - 'helloooo to you all'! Mark sends his regards to all his colleagues in the UK! He misses you all a lot - love the photo's Ned - keep em coming! Good to see Wembley Stadium is finally finished! Great to hear the Newmans are enjoying their hol back in the UK - just make sure you get back on the plane Delia!!!!!

For those of you following the saga of the storms here and the Pasha Bulker oil tanker beached at Newcastle - its now FREE! A king tide rolled up and they managed to refloat it! Not a drop of oil spilt - hurrah! Made for impressive pictures though!

Right next update will be post Cairns - expect us to look tanned,fit and buff (or if its raining, like drowned rats in need of some sunshine)!

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