Friday, June 1, 2007

Rug Up Its - June!!!

Bring out the duvets - its bloody chilly here! Average daily temps in Noosa, 24 degrees, but at night 14!!!! (are we officially wimps now?) Anyway, news! Mark is settling well into Noosa, in fact he loves it! His colleagues are great and what can be better than policing the beaches of such a fab area? He's done a few speed traps already (and warned me where they were - phew), plus he's already been nominated as the DV Officer (domestic violence)! Cameron is in the Noosa District AFL team - had his first game last week, they won - well done Cam! Aaron is playing the bass clarinet - not bad at it either! He won the 200m sprint and is also representing the Noosa District in the Athletics team. Little Ollie - well being little they don't compete yet, but he has hatched a few chooks at school for the farm and named one of them Maggy - ahhhhhh!

Cooler days mean the start of the 'burn offs' (no, not kids doing doughnuts and burning out cars). Its where all the Firies (yes thats spelt right) set light to huge amounts of countryside in order to prevent bush fires (confused?) Ummm, they're controlled and organised, amazing sight at night and will help prevent the spread of a bush fire around Peregian if one happens (which it did last year, destroying loads of coastal vegetation).

Work for me remains work. Good days, bad days! If I've learnt anything from our time here its, never work as a nurse in Queensland, least respected profession out the lot - work as a Dentist (they're loaded)! Definately won't be advising the boys to do nursing or midwifery!

Mark & Alex working hard!

Sorry, whinge over back to other stuff! A big HAPPY 36th to our mate Susie! We had a picnic down by the river with champers and it..........rained..........a lot! Did we pack up and run home to a nice hot bath and cuppa? Nope! We sat like very prim and proper, proud pommies with our flasks of tea (actually, worst we took a kettle) nibbling sarnies and trying to maintain conversations over monsoon rains, thunder and lightening!

Ok, we KNOW the cake says 358, but we didn't have a '6' candle in our supply, so just stuck everything we had on it!

Mark enjoyed his birthday - although he remains as ever in denial (get used to it luv - you're 35)!

Happy birthday to Katy and Fern! Pressies in the post! Next month we're off to Cairns where we're meeting with friends for a week of sunshine (hopefully), beer,wine,reef diving and tableland climbing! Looking forward to it as we've worked hard over the past 6 months and need a holiday!

No other news - pretty boring really eh? Love to everyone, miss you lots!

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