Sunday, June 1, 2008

Truly Scrumptious!!!

Yep, truly scrumptious is the only way I can describe these gorgeous gals! I feel a Julie Andrews song coming on! Many thanks to the beautiful Caldwell family and Happy Anniversay! Its been a busy week since returning from Sydney - not one, two but over 2000 pics to go through! These two littly's were amazing (despite turning their backs on me) - like I say I never take it personally! Thanks again for a great day (s)!!!!

Who'd have thought water fountains could be so much fun!

And some endearing moments - I love these, (not because she constantly turned her back on me) but because it has her snuggly cuddly toy in them!

and finally another little beauty - Anya! I never seem to be able to capture Anya smiling - she takes life very seriously, yesterday however, she smiled for just a few seconds! Hurrah! It was like the sun had appeared from beneath a cloud!

Oh and LOVIN this gorgeous baby and home shop at Peregian Beach, Evolve! Picked up this little hat, thought I'd use it for baby shoots!

A massive Happy Birthday to Susie! Will pop over at some point to see your new house and give you your present (all the way from the Blue Mountains)!

XX Annie XX

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