Monday, December 1, 2008

Countdown to Christmas..........

No 'bar humbug' people allowed on this team cos..... WE LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Its a hugely busy time of year here, Noosa has a million and one things on the go! Our countdown to Christmas began on Friday with the turning on of the chrissy lights down Hasto's {Hastings Street} - Santa arrive on a quaddie, accompanied by his 'Elves' {now for want of a better name, Aaron and the boys have decided to name them 'Santa's Ho's' - as, well, they were probably the 'sexiest' Elves around - so we think Noosa Santa is 'pimping'!

Cameron looking more like a teenager every day!

The street parade made its way slowly down Hasto's to Noosa Woods where Mark and I had a picnic waiting for the boys! Aaron decided to have a quick dip in the river {in his school uniform} then we listened to the choir singing the best carols ever {well done Miss Fox - you rock}!!! After that, we settled down with our friends to watch Santa Claus 3 on the big outdoor movie screen. The boys loved being with all their school friends - they ate pop corn, chilled and climbed trees {inbetween watching the movie}.

For some reason I kinda took a liking to this guy! He followed me around, I followed him {only my camera actually worked}!

Saturday we got the boys all pumped and ready to go to......... Laser Quest! Now, we weren't there to witness it, but apparently they had a fab time {of course they would - they were shooting each other}

Our beautiful boys! Aren't we lucky??

Aaron, Sammy and Santa's Ho, Ho, Ho's!!!!

Sunday {I got sunburnt} - unintentional I promise! I did photo shoots for our beautiful friends, Carly & Andy, and Karen & Scott from 9am through to 3pm and 'forgot' to put on sunblock! How silly do I feel now (as I'm sitting here with a huge red face)! Considering I spent over 8 hrs in 32 degree heat, I'm very surprised I didn't get heat stroke - lesson learnt.

The beautiful Bournes - running along the beach - not staged at all.....

Ha! Got you Andy!!! {Andy hates having his pic taken}

Little Denis was thrilled at having his pic taken.......can you tell?????

After the shoots we all met up on Peregian Beach for a well earned chill and picnic. Andy, Mark and Aaron went for a dip {very brave considering the shark alarm had gone off}, Carly and I drank wine! It was simply beautiful, the water was the flattest I'd seen it - just amazing.

So this is the start to our festive season, more festivities to come and I can't wait! Bring it on baby!!!


Ronnie said...

Love your work Annie. You have a beautiful, clean "funky" thing happening.. real quality work. Compliments from fellow Noosa photographer Rhonette Porter

Funky Photography said...

Ah thank you Rhonette! I aim to be different {actually I don't, thats just me, a lil bit funky}! My friends say I just don't stop (and I never put my cameras down....I can't help it.....I've been like it since my mum gave me my first camera aged 11 - we'll blame her)! XXXX

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