Sunday, March 1, 2009

Being delish!!

.... thats what little Miss E is, completely and utterly delicious! It helps that she's come from a beauty-full gene pool, 3 generatons of gorgeousness. This is just a sneak peek of our late afternoon session in Eumundi........

The 'move' is going...ummm....errrrr, well 'ish'. Removals are organised, boxes have yet to be packed and I've still not figured out the whole internet 'dongal' thingy, but I will...eventually. The boys aren't quite excited as me about moving to a shack in the woods, I guess the notion of two of them having to share a room has kinda put a dampener on things ;) Or maybe its the fact that we're suspended 30ft high in the rainforest canopy, and there's a rather large hole in the back deck??? Ummm, yes there's some work to be done! I am however looking forward to kitting out my new office......with a trip to Ikea of course ;) Mark, on the other hand, is looking forward to getting a 'day bed' - cos of course we've all got time to chill on one of those????

XX Annie XX


Mummy McTavish said...

That looks like a fun photo shoot!

Happy "downsizing".

Fea-Fea said...

Hi Annie! I keep coming here to look at your beautiful photos and to listen to your songlist(!), so I thought it was about time I left a little note.

I'm impressed with how you've been able to get your business up and running with your busy family life and other job too, if I have understood it correctly? Life on Sunny Coast sounds absolutely lovely!


Gerwin said...

i like it very much, so much creative power in Downunder

Nathan Walker said...

Gene & Abs look GREAT - you captured them so well!! Love this shoot Annie :)

Funky Photography said...

Oooo you know Gene and Abs??? Thank you, they are part of an amazing and gorgeous family. Just wish I'd had more time with them individually :(

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