Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Special Valentines...... {well ish}

In fairness....we both forgot; work, life etc caught up with us and in no time at all it was Valentines Day! So, we didn't celebrate 'the' day, but I've figured we don't need too - afterall, shouldn't every day be Valentines? {I DID buy a special heart shaped muffin case last week - that got put at the back of the cupboard, along with all of the other 'kitchen accessories' I don't know how to use, or get a chance to use}, maybe I'll dig this out and start baking heart shaped muffins and cupcakes? {I can hear Mark laughing at this from here} X

The reason for my absentmindedness??? Well a few things are keeping my brain busy; school camps! Gosh they don't all go at once - nope they all go a week apart, thats 3 weeks of washing, ironing, preparing,packing,topping up mobiles {oops they're banned}, comforting and reassuring my wee ones that they will survive 3 days without Mum - or rather without their xbox 360's!

House hunting and moving is also on the cards - deep joy! Oh and Lyndall 'finally' gave birth to baby Luca {I say finally with a great big sigh as she was driving us mad}!!! Yes, on the 4th February 2009 {at 5am - I have to add that, as I think that shocked Lyndall more than the birth}, baby Luca joined us! He's just gorgeous and cuddly and smells all baby-like and freshly baked! And, yessss I 'may' have taken a few snaps! So congratulations Lyndall,James and Kahn - he's simply wonderful!

To try and recover from all this stuff going on, my friend Judy whisked me away to the Ikatan Spa, for some much needed pampering and a good old fashioned girly day! Wow! It was truly amazing, I feel revitalized and re-energized {and I still smell of lemongrass despite numerous showers and spas} ummmmm If you need pampering, Ikatan is for you {just increase the amount on your credit card a tad first}!

Mark and I have also taken some time out in the evenings to walk and talk at Noosa river - sunsets there are truly spectacular ;) I think Ollie agrees X

I've also had a chance to catch up with the very beautiful Colleen for a spot of piccy taking - and we did, in 36 degree heat, sweating buckets while we desperately beat off march flies with our shoes! Despite that we came away with some very noice pics, and not a sweat 'tash' to be seen ;)

Finally Cameron wishes Miss Jedcia a very Happy Valentines - so sweet, pressie in the post!

xx Annie xx

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Tanya said...

Life can be so busy can't it!!! Baby Luca is so sweet! Beautiful pics!! Hope you're feeling better!!! xxxx

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