Sunday, June 21, 2009

When I grow up........

or rather, 'when they grow up'! Hopefully when the rain passes I'll be able to get Cam and Aaron to try this out too ;)

As you can tell from Ollie's expression, he wasn't the most 'willing' model, that coupled with rain and poor light meant I didn't get 'exactly' what I hoped for, but its good enough!

Just a few snaps from the past weeks events! Its been an extra busy time as I've been catching up with friends and family {and taking a few pics along the way}!

Happy Birthday is my sisters Katy & Fern for the 28th of this month! Miss you lots as always!

Lots and lots of shoots planned for June/July, fingers crossed the weather improves {has it really rained for the past 6 months????} This isn't what I signed up for, I want my money back please Mr Rudd ;)

Other things....... I'm still getting over being 'slightly' traumatised by having to 'sing' in public {thanks Miss Linda}. Its ok tho, I only spent ONE night in tears being comforted by the everso everso cute Mr Oliver (no not Jamie), who laid in the hammock with me, holding my hand telling me "it wasn't you Mum, someone must have done something to the mic" ummmmmm - now all I need are a few counselling sessions and I'll be back to my old self in no time!
Incidentally, the very beautiful Miss Simone sung and was truly AMAZING! Wow! We were totally blown away, as we were when our little Aaron sung, Jesse and of course Miss Dempsey. There are some clever girls and boys out there ;)

Just a few for Kelly & Nic, we haven't had much luck with the weather :(, but we did managed to get these, fingers crossed that bub stays in there just a little longers so I can get some more!


Ronnie said...

Hi Annie,
so brave of you to sing in public... the one and only time I did that, the crowd started to snigger and laugh... apparantly not at my singing, but at the dog howling outside!!!!! It was 25 years ago... I think I'm getting over it now!!! So chin up girl.. big smile... miss Ronnie

Funky Photography said...

ahhhh miss ronnie it has to be the scariest thing EVER! I'm going to carry on singing, but I'm never going to do that again, apparently I was supposed to feel empowered, but I just felt a wreck afterwards! Ah well, its done never have to do it again, think I'll stick to taken pics! See you soon ? friday?

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