Sunday, May 9, 2010

A 'Day' {with} and without.......

'Mother's Day' has always been a little bittersweet for me
I lost my Mum when I was young
I was a teen......we had our battles.....
We had our moments of gratefulness and appreciation
She was a strong woman
She was creative
She was intelligent
She was spiritual and soulful
She did 'naked yoga' in the back garden every day {no, I'm really not kidding}
She didn't believe in chemicals
Or anything artificial for that matter
Lollies were banned!!!!
She was a member of Greenpeace
She wore a Sari
She milked the goats daily then walked them, on a leash to the local Supermarket where she'd pick up our daily groceries
She rode her 1940's bicycle everywhere, my Dad had a sign writer write on it 'Lynda's Black Bess'
She wasn't perfect {she knew this}
She truly was a remarkable and unique woman.........

We miss her........

So whilst today I am without my Mum, I can celebrate being a Mum. I can celebrate that;

I went to sleep last night with Oliver curled up next to me and Aaron wrapped up in his doona on the floor beside my bed, whilst we watched Pirates of the Caribeen
That my boys constantly tell me how much they love me, and demand hugs (and they usually don't even want something)
They value my opinion
They really believe that I am right (ha)!

Now all I have to get them to do is to behave for the rest of the day.... and I'll feel much better, as today of all days they have decided to hate each other, and in the process upset me :( Family life I guess.........

XXAnnie XX

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Tanya said...

Sorry that this day is a bittersweet one for you Annie! Why is it that our kids pick days like this to be at their worst? I hope they had since made it up to you :) xo

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