Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Mummy's Wish.......

'First in begins, inside your {heart}
something moves, then opens
Then {frees} itself
and now you feel a {rhythm} breaking
Its long silence
this is going to be {good}

{Monique Duval}

Under any other circumstances, Janelle and I would probably not have met. We live four and a half hours away from each other. My children have ten years on hers. We have no friends in common, but, as I typed her number into my phone, I felt like I was dialing the number for an old friend..........

You see Janelle and I were put in touch through the Mummy's Wish Foundation. It's an incredible organisation that helps Mum's with cancer. Sometimes, its just through support, by 'being there', other times its more practical help through providing vital equipment for families to stay 'in touch' when mum's are in hospital receiving treatment, and other times it really is to 'grant wishes'.

Janelle's wish was to have photographs taken of her three littly's. So Mark and I packed our woolly's {its a little chilly down south}, loaded the kids and cameras into the car and headed down to the NSW border.

We stayed at a truly beauty-full 'eco bush retreat' in NSW. A huge thank you to Tallulah for allowing us to stay an extra night, you have no idea how grateful we all are. It gave us the time we needed to spend with Janelle and her gorgeous family.

So thank you Janelle & Nic for letting us invade your home and garden, and for putting on a fabulous BBQ for us {you're naughty, you shouldn't have}!!!! Hopefully we'll all stay in touch as I can't wait to photograph you all again!

You are such an amazing person Janelle, with a beauty-full spirit, and you're so right "the world doesn't stop because you are sick" you have to keep going ;)


Anonymous said...

Annie, you are an inspiration too. You are so wonderful to do this. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

jodiegreckphotography said...

Just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

Sheye Rosemeyer said...

Absolutely gorgeous images Annie, a gift they will treasure for many years. You're a beautiful soul. xx

CC said...

Awwwwww! Just so beautiful! They're going to love these for years and years!

Naomi Vasington said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. What an unselfish thing to do - and yes they will treasure these FOREVER.

Ronnie said...

You brave girl Annie for confronting all your own fears to do this for their family! Luv you! You are inspirational..Ronnie

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