Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cameron's Birthday!

Phew what a day! We're all shattered! Woke early, Mark decorated house (balloons,banners and stuff), made Cameron breakfast in bed (well it only happens once a year), Cameron opened his presents (IPOD nano music thing, Jamie Oliver's latest cook book, books, money and clothes) - a massive thanks to Aunty Katy and Susie and Rich for remembering! We took the boys to the cinema to watch Night in the Museum - excellent, really funny. Cinema was an experience! It was like the Odeon, 20 years ago in Colchester! Mark and I felt like we were kids again going to watch ET! Oh and a brawl broke out between this girl (eerrmmmm imagine an Aussie version of Little Britains Vicky Pollard) and this young lad! Anyway, after all that entertainment we had a birthday BBQ with our neighbours, fed leftovers to the cockatoos and parrots, cut the cake and sent the boys to bed! Now we have to do it all over again for Aaron on 3rd January!!!!!! Not sure I can cope?

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