Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006

One of the many reasons we love living here is the outdoor lifestyle plus the music and culture scene! Most evenings during the week you can almost gurantee there'll be a special event or gig being played locally. Christmas has been just one party after another. Have to say the Carols by Candlelight was spectacular! Were there any candles????? Ummm nope, but there were light sticks, candy bars and a big stage production! The singers were fab and certainly rocked the place!

We spent Christmas Eve in Montville with friends, had lunch at the Poets Cafe then went down to Lake Baroon to do a spot of kayaking. Temp - well hot around 37 degrees. Christmas Day even better! Woke at 4am (thanks Ollie) opened pressies (Santa had been busy delivering bikes, DVD's and CD's), then went down the beach for some cricket and body boarding with friends! Had dinner in the evening, traditional of course I even dressed up! Boxing Day we spent at the 'Secret' falls! Its a local watering hole (and by that i mean swimming hole) in the rain forest. there are no signs to it, its for locals only. We had a picnic then it started to rain!

The boys have really enjoyed Christmas, more so cos they know they've now got 6 weeks off school! Not sure I'll cope! Thanks to all our friends and family for all your messages,emails and cards. It means a lot to us being so far away!

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