Sunday, January 21, 2007

First deadly encounter................

Rudely awoken at 6am by Aaron excitedly telling me all about the Redback spider hovering above Cameron's bed............ummmmm I thought, thats not so good. Tried to wake Cameron to move him out of room, he was having none of it, Redback or not he was going back to sleep. Mark in Brisbane, so whats a girl to do???? Use the kids of course! Now Aaron loves anything creepy crawlie, so after several phone conversations with mates who's advice ranged from 'stamping on it' to 'catching it in a jar', I sent Aaron in armed with fly spray and a old Red Thai Curry jar (if the fly spray doesn't work the reminence of that'll kill it)!

Aaron was very brave (or stupid), he sprayed the spider (now affectionately called Charlotte cos of her messy web) and we waited for her to 'pass out'! Half a can later, and with one wheezing child it eventually died (I got bored, took over 30 mins to peg it)! Aaron popped it in the jar for evidence!

Other news..............well not much has happened to be honest. Boys return to school Monday, I also return to work (school hours). Spending many a lazy day at the beach, swimming in Noosa River and enjoying BBQ's with friends. Have finished paintings, sold some more photographs and even spent last night on roof garden watching the big Comet - can you see it from England? Today I'm off looking at land as we've decided to self build. Madness!!!!!

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