Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yeeeee Haaaaa! Our First Rodeo!

Accompanied by mates (too scared to go alone), we saddled up and headed to our first rodeo (must be proper Queenslanders now)! We got our hands stamped with 'Honky Tonk Rodeo' and found a place to sit right next to the barrier (scary trust me) - we obviously put the kids in front of us! It was really good fun; lots of 'yee haaas' going on, strange country music and weird people with no teeth smoking cigars (well I think they were cigars). Most people dressed for the occasion (we didn't), with cowboy hats,boots and of course Wrangler jeans! The word cheesey springs to mind!

Just the 2 injuries happened (seriously surprised there weren't more)! One fractured leg and one rodeo clown (thats what they're called) got crushed behind a gate and sustained large gash to head and LOC! The crowd wanted blood - they got it! Have to say, these are very brave men, wouldn't let my babies do it!

On a more serene note; I took the boys kite flying down the beach to chill out and recover. Obviously they're impressed with the whole buckeroo thing and want to become cowboys!

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