Saturday, January 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Well Aaron opted for a more chilled out birthday! He woke at 7am (late for him), opened presents, declined brekky in bed (just as well as we were shattered) then he watched DVD's! In fairness to him it rained, not just a little bit, a lot! In the evening we had some party food then he cut his cake! Very different to Cam's day! A big thank you again to Aunty Katy for remembering!

We're settling into the new year well. I'm now off work for 4 weeks as the boys are on their school hols! Have yet to stock up the wine rack, so cannot turn to alcohol.........yet! Mark is now away for a few months. Its all very odd not having him at my beck and you know I actually had to get up and make my own tea this morning? I built up a sweat!!! Oh and I had to do the ironing! In 30+ degree heat I can't say I enjoyed it!

Have brought a few more summer dresses and bikinis, oh and a 'coastal chill out' CD - I plan to spend some lazy days on the beach, do some more photography and finish the paintings I was suppose to do before christmas for friends! I have a feeling the 4 weeks will fly by!

Love to all, update you all soon XXX

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