Sunday, January 7, 2007

Good Luck Mark!

Busy too! Mark returned from Brisbane Saturday so he could pack (properly) and also have a 'good luck' BBQ! Friends Susie and Rich came over. We went for a walk on the beach as Mark won't see the sea/beach for a wee while! For someone that loves surfing and body boarding its gonna hit him hard! BBQ was good and we even ate roo (reminded me of liver and bacon all rolled into one)! Not bad tho and 98% fat free and low in cholesterol (prob is they're still cute bouncy things in my head). Susie has left me some more in the fridge so I'll be comfort eating roo! Oh and they left me some wine - hurrah! Right off to bed, thanks for all the good luck messages to Mark, he'll be reading this whilst tucked up in HMP Belton (oops the academy)!

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