Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines!

Valentines already?? This years going off as quick as the last one! OK, I'll be brief;
Mark good, shooting well (in the firearms sense) appears happy with his career, reducing my hours at work is lovely - although so far every day off has been spent squirming in the Dentist chair, boys are great, skating, surfing, kite flying, play guitars and building huts! Next month Aaron is off on school camp at Elanda Point (20 mins north of here), cost for 3 days $180!!!!! When the teacher told me I almost choked, she assured me its the cost of travelling and staying in a hut - I did ask if there would be a price reduction if you dropped your kids off (well its only 20mins up the road) and if they slept under the stars (far better for them, builds confidence, teamwork and adds to that real camping 'feel' (I also suggested they sit round camp fires, smoke spliffs and play banjo's). Her reply was 'no Mrs Jones' - ah well worth a try!

We also have a new addition to the family - Getto the Gecko! He's very cute, very small so we're having to watch where we step (squashed Getto won't go down so well). Its like living with Stuart Little - only Stuart was a mouse and talked, and this ones a lizard thing and doesn't say anything! It seems quite happy to be living with us, I may have to charge rent!

Ollie has done a few modelling shots for me, bless, he is adorable (those good Jones genes)!

Received some beautiful flowers and cards from my boys for Valentines - someones got to love me!

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