Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Perfect Day in Paradise!

Ok well aside from learning about (and being completely freaked out) by Aussie's Deadliest, I've reduced my hours at work! Hurrah - lots of 'me' time!

So today, I got up as normal (6am) got kids packed off to school then hit the beach! In fact I found a nice secluded cove in Noosa, just me, a distant kayaker, someone snorkelling and a koala. Temp 28 degrees, nice sea breeze, flies - not too many. Read my book, went for a dip and took some snaps! Ahhhhhhhhh (then of course I collected kids from school, shouted at them for arguing the whole car trip home and I'm now getting extremely stressed as they keep bugging me for things like food and water - surely they're old enough to provide for themselves now? Nope? Ah well X

Ps Mark well, work good, pranged his mates car Friday - tut tut Mark!
Thanks Dad and Edie for boys clothes - they finally arrived today! Anyone thinking of sending stuff over we need Gravy Granules (can you believe Aussies still do it the old fashioned way?)

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