Saturday, August 4, 2007

Beautiful Bunya Escape!

Now I DID say we'd need a holiday to get over our Cairns hol - and I was so right! With both Mark and I off for the weekend, Aaron suffering this awful flu thing here (Flu shot next year sonny) and the boys at a loss with what to do.....we packed the car up and headed west for 3 hrs (actually 3 1/2 as Mark's stupid TomTom gadget got us lost)! We's heard it was cold in the mountains.....did we prepare, ummmmm nope! Not having unpacked the clothes for Cairns (they were clean I promise) I just chucked in a couple of coats and dumped the suitcase in the car! What a mistake, it wasn't cold it was FREEZING! We realised this when Aaron jumped out of the car and screamed "bloody ell, its just like England"! Ummm what fond memories they have of the old place. Average daily temp: 5 degrees, add windchill factor 1 degrees, overnight temp - 10 degrees! Brrrrrrrrrrr! We even had frost!

With our fellow holidaymakers wrapped up in ski wear, woolies, gloves, scarfes and beanies, Mark and I stepped out of the car in.... shorts and T-shirts!
Do they look cold?

The log cabin we hired was fab! Slept 23, and it really did have 23 seperate beds! Kids didn't know which bed to choose so, by Sunday they'd slept in them all! Log fire a huge hit with all of us (especially as we got Aaron chopping the wood whilst Mark and I sipped bubbly and ate chocs) - yes Katy the mint hearts are gorgeous!

What else can I say about the South Burnett and Bunya region? Well theres lots of walks, no waterfalls cos of drought, no supermarket for 64kms and no Doctor for another 64kms! Our advice - bring a good medical kit, tweezers to pull out bush ticks, insect repellant, or bring me along and I'll look after you all!

Despite having a fluy son, we took the boys on a 5.2km walk through the state forest - other walkers friendly, all stopping to say 'Hi'! Cameron wore 4 layers of clothing, then promptly removed them when we came across a smouldering bushfire!

Wildlife - stacks, lots of pretty faced rock wallabies, roos, possoms and pretty parrots! The journey to Bunya - not bad, outback for most of the way! Nearest cafe - Maidenwell, it was a bit of a one stop shop, post office, cafe,shop and petrol station all in one! The staff there were great, locals really friendly - all chatting away whilst wearing great big cowboy hats!

Whole weekend cost no more than $400! Bargain! We booked through these peeps;

Lots of accommodation available. Private chalets, smaller log cabins and Swiss style places. Take plenty of food, theres one restaurant locally but when we wanted to go there - it was closed for a function!

Yes I had to make ALL the beds!

Good luck to Katy and Adam with their impending wedding! Glad you love the chocs for the reception! Can't wait to see the photographs! Doreen and Mick, thanks for the photographs, great to see our lovely niece and nephews! Next installment will be Mark on his new motorbike! Yep, not content with haring around in a police car - he's going to hoon it around the streets and beaches of Noosa of a Yamaha!

Love to you all, miss you lots! Holiday to UK planned for 2009! Love Annie and Co XXX

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