Friday, September 7, 2007

After the storm........

Well unless you've been on a fantastic holiday to the Maldives (thats you Katy and Adam), you'll have seen Noosa on the news as we've been flooded! A storm rolled in and dumped 800mm of rain in less than 24 hrs! It rained, and rained for 5 days solid! Reminded us of the UK, I even started to develop S.A.D! Mark worked long hours doing 'Flood Patrol' - my hero, kids couldn't get to school and I was cut off from work (shame eh?) Come the 5th day I think we'd all had enough, kids were bored, I was bored. The fact that I had suddenly gained a pool in my back garden didn't even cheer me up! Thankfully all over with now and Noosa appears to be recovering!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Katy & Adam aka Mr & Mrs Cocker! Glad you had a wonderful wedding, wish I was there! I am now offically the only Miss Jones left in the family! Also a big HAPPY FATHERS DAY to Mark for tomorrow. We're celebrating by having a picnic on the beach whilst live jazz bands play! What a life!

The broadband trauma (yes it is traumatic) is still ongoing! Apparently we'll be reconnected next week - only I really don't believe Telstra/Bigpond! So we'll see if it happens!

Mark is enjoying having the freedom of a motorbike! Once Noosa's North Shore has recovered from the storm, he'll be taking it across there to hoss it up and down the sand dunes!

The boys are all well, they were thrilled at the storm, but only cos it meant a week off school! Lazy buggers! They're all got excursions coming up with the school. Aaron is going away for 4 days on Music Camp, Cameron's off kayacking to a dam somewhere and Ollies off to a recycling centre at Nambour - poor kid!! Aaron continues to play his bass clarinet well - he just loves jazz!

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