Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Ahh tis that joyous time of year again! Am I talking about peace and good will to all men (very sexist)? A time for giving and sharing, being with family? Ummm nope! I am of course referring to that that fabulous time of year when our beloved children are off school for NINE WEEKS!!!!! Not quite sure what I've done to deserve this!

Yep, with leaps and screams of elation, our boys finished school today! Presents went to their poor teachers for putting up with them all year; candy canes went to classmates, Cameron's face swelled up (how were we to know it had traces of nut in it) and of course we attended the christmas fete (in 34 degree heat)! The biggest news however.......... for the first year ever we won something in the Christmas Draw !!!!! A spa voucher? Nope, a bottle of bubbly - nope! A turkey! Yesssss! (to be fair its an organic corn fed one or something, means there won't be much meat on the thing)!

A big congrats to Aaron - clever bunny got Top Student for Year 5!

Our tree is up; the boys have written to Noosa Santa and Mark's even got mince pies in from the UK!

We have a few parties planned; Sails restaurant on Noosa main beach on Sunday followed by a party cruise along the river; fireworks to follow! Apparently the boys have invited over numerous mates for sleepovers!

At present I haven't arranged any time off work - so this should be interesting!
Our mates SJ,Si and their 4 fab kiddies finally arrived from the UK! They're settling so well and I'm sure will love living here!

Mark is well, his rosta for christmas not so good! He's onan early xmas day, so that'll give us the afternoon together!

Soooo, a HUGE Merry Christmas to all our friends and family in the UK! We miss you all so much! Thanks to everyone for their cards and pressies. A Big thank you to my Nanna, Aunty Maggy, Uncle Andrew, Cousin Dave, Dad and Edie for the christmas money! Santa's planning lots of things with that! Thanks to Katy & Adam for the presents! The boys always get so excited when parcels arrive! We're looking forward to seeing all of you at some point! Maybe next year, maybe the year after!
Mark is still missing all you lot at Hadleigh and Capel! Thanks for all the updates Ned! We love looking at all the pics! Merry Christmas to Ruth and Doug,Mary and Roley (is that how you spell it?), Paul and Karen - see you very soon, and of course Jerry and Debs (did I mention we still miss you)!

Take care lots love Annie,Mark,Cam,Azzie and Ollie XXXXX

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