Sunday, June 8, 2008

Going Urban......

I've always maintained that as my children have grown, my photography has too! Today has been no exception - as today my boys have 'Gone Urban' (the opposite to 'Going Bush')!! I love the hard lighting, the attitude (or 'tude' as its now referred to in our house), the street looks and the funky effects. A massive thanks to Lachy - you did a fab job - from sweet and innocent, to gangster - in ooooo less than 5 seconds! Heres the proof......

Ah such a sweet boy....errrmmm you think??? 5 seconds later and.....


My friend Tanya - refers to this pic as 'boyhood' - I think shes right!

Dirty feet and clothes were the order for the day!

Queens Birthday = public holiday = long weekend - hurrah! Guess what??? It rained (surprise surprise). So, armed with cameras, lenses etc we all headed off to the Buderim Tavern for a bite to eat, plus pics of Anya and Ryder 'in the rain' (just to prove to everyone in the UK that is IS actually raining here - Australia & The Sunshine Coast are complete myths)!

Anya with a bit of 'colour zingggg'!!!!

It was also The Ride For Daniel this weekend - to raise awareness for child safety following the disappearence of little Daniel Morcombe 4 years ago (gosh can it really be that long???) Thoughts and prayers are with his wonderful family, they have never stopped campaigning, and, until they get an answer, never will.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with our very good friends Susie & Rich - we miss you guys and hope for your safe return soon - we all have very heavy hearts - XXXX

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