Sunday, June 15, 2008

Domestic Goddess?????

Something strange has happened............. I am turning into a Domestic Goddess (Mark's been waiting for me to metamorph for years)!!! I 'think' its because I am now only working 3 days a week - I appear to have time to do all sorts of things. This weekend is a great example! Not one, but TWO sleepovers, children everywhere (we are the local kids home), up at 7am, clean house, put washing on, do some ironing, 10 am we're at the gym, 11am we're in McDonalds (hey it was the kids request), 12pm we're in Aldi doing the weekly shop, by 1pm we're home unloading the shopping and welcoming sleepover victim number 2! Whilst the house is in utter chaos, I remain clam and focused and get through a mountain of laundry!!! Hurrah!!! Clean school uniforms for once. To top it all, I did a photo shoot AND cooked a thai green curry AND baked muffins for brekky!!! WTF has happened to me? Ummmmm - something to ponder on (we'll see how long this faze lasts)

We've had a few really nice 'beach days' recently! Beach days are warm and sunny days, where we grab our togs, towels and head off down the beach for some R&R (I can hear Carly laughing at this as our last trip wasn't exactly R&R and we both ended up drinking lager by the end of the afternoon)!! We ONLY had 5 children with us, but Carly said it felt like 10! I did however intorduce Carly to the fabulous Bistro C! Its just the best place for a chill and brekky! My boys absolutely adore Anya & Ryder - it occured to me how grown up they all seemed when they were looking after them! Suddenly my lil baby Ollie, is being responsible and looking out for a 2 year old!

Beautiful Anya at Bistro C

Its beautiful during the day but so cold at night!!! Today I'm off to hunt out a Brazier (fire pit thingy for the garden). We can sit outside in the evening then and roast marshmellows (oops thats the Domestic Goddess coming out again)! Next I'll be wearing an apron!

The boys walking through the National Park - look how grown up they all seem!!

A big GOOD LUCK to Cameron who is in the Noosa District Sports for the 800m run this Friday! Should be good fun to watch (he's so lazy I'm not quite sure how he got through the trials)!

Oh and LOVE ,LOVE, LOVIN my new camera bag from Jill.E! Its so sophisticated! Much better than lumping silver cases and backpacks round with you! Stockists in Australia too!

Right I'm off to clean the loos again as beautiful Collen & Mark are coming over for a BBQ! Might even have time to pop down the beach for Peregian Originals (live bands)! XXXX

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