Sunday, November 23, 2008

Older & Wiser? Ummm maybe not the latter!

Wow! Being 34 is awesom! For some reason {unclear to me as yet} - I'm classed as being that incy bit wiser! I can't wait to take advantage of this! So a HUGE thank you to all the birthday wishes and emails! Some of you would like to know a bit more about me....... so here goes.....

  1. I'm a bit of a gypsy! Growing up in England, we moved every 2 years {something to do with Dad's job} - this has left me with very itchy feet! Every few months or so you'll either find me scrutinizing the pages of, or moving my furniture about!

  2. I love anything pink, girly and glitzy! Maybe this stems from being the only 'madam' in the family?

  3. I miss my friend Winter very much - shes a bit of a freak...but then so am I!

  4. I have an unhealthy obession with Ikea! Thankfully our nearest one is a 2 hr drive away! This obession is almost as bad as the one I have for Japanese martial arts {you've been warned - don't mess with me}! Oh and pyjamas - I have a zillion pairs of them, and would wear them all day if I could!

  5. My fav ice cream is Jasmine Tea by Baskin Robbins - yummy!

  6. I love a good gossip over a latte at the beach with good company.

  7. I knit!

  8. I suffer from a rare condition called APD - most of my childhood was spent in hospital or being home schooled! I was misdiagnosed until I was 17 - the only thing they did get right was that I was allergic to cats and tobacco smoke - funnily enough the two things my parents refused to give up? Feeling the love? No not really!

  9. I dislike functions, office parties and large gatherings immensley! Almost as much as I dislike grocery shopping and pubs!

  10. I 'knew' I would marry Mark and have 3 boys - I'm kinda freaky like that ;)

So thats it! Gosh I think you know more about me now than my parents ;)


Tiff said...

Happy late birthday!!!
Neat to find out these things about you :o)
I knew I was going to marry my husband too, the second I laid eyes on him.
Hope your day was a happy one!

Renee Moore said...

A belated happy birthday to you!! Your from England!! Awesome, I travelled there last November for my brothers wedding (he married an English girl)They moved to OZ this July. I can't wait to go back.. I know you said you travelled a bit, but where did you live last? I visited London and then the Lincolnshire area.

Take care

Funky Photography said...

Hi Renee - I lived in Suffolk, beautiful part of England, rolling green hills etc Just perfect! Last lived in a village called Nayland (very Vicar of Dibley) - I miss it, but not the weather! Then we moved here and we lived at Victoria Point before moving to Noosa!

Haha w wedding in November? That would have been cold!!!!

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