Saturday, November 15, 2008

Feeling hot,hot,hot!

Boy what a scortcher today (is that spelt right??) Running around in the mid 30's is no fun! Its been a busy week, for some reason my allergies are at an all time high and I'm on regular adrenalin shots (anyone wanna have a latte with me??? I may blow up like a balloon and you may just have to resus me) - ummmm thats why my friends have deserted me! Still, I'm hoping for an answer as I'm off to NSW to see the wizard (I mean the Dr - always get those two confused)!

On Friday I went to witness the pure torture that is the boys surf awareness sessions. Rather them than me! If they were sensible and just stayed out of the water then they wouldn't need saving! Thats my logic! I took a few happy snaps of Aaron saving a poor drenched child (or rather attempting to save)!

Looks very pleasant doesn't it? I'm assured by Aaron, its the toughest lesson on the curriculum {yeah whatever}!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing the Wright family..... nothing ever goes quite as you visualise it! It was at least 40 degrees (ok maybe 34 - but it felt like 40) and the poor littly's kinda lost it after 15 mins! I think I managed to only get a handful of piccies! Still, I guess thats a handful more pics than I have of my family - ummm something else to work on!

A big hurrah and thank you to the beautiful Amanda Brooks for finding me a teenage model, and young Maddison really is stunning! I decided as we were down the beach in the harsh sunlight (past 3pm is usually better) to go for a 70's style pin -up calender {you know the ones, dodgy looking things your dad had hidden away in his office or man shed. No? Ummm just my dad then}! Maddie's done a few bikini shoots before so she was very comfortable and confident in front of the camera. (I on the other hand, didn't have a clue what to do with her)! I'm still not sure its something I'd like to progress, but its definately good work experience. Many thanks to my beautiful mentor Mike Wardhana for the constructive criticism and support - you are amazing as always! And of course a huge thank you to the beautiful maddison and her Mum Carol for being so great {and so patient}.

A huge well done to Bec's and the guys and gals at Noosa McDonalds for a supa dupa McHappy Day - as usual Mark was there tossing his burgers and raising much needed money for the Ronald McDonald Children's Houses!

Well thats it! Next update won't be for a wee while as we're off on a mini break to Bunya for my birthday (21 of course)! Hurrah a whole 4 days of doing nothing! Can't wait! Oh and as you can tell from the title of this post.....its been raining.....for 2 days now.......oh hang on....... yes the suns coming out! Honestly, how can we cope with 3 seasons in a day?

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