Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Special deliveries.....


Cameron's last moments of being 12!!! As the clock strikes 23.45hrs (quarter to midnight for you non clocky people), Cameron turns 13! Wow! I officially have a teenager {yet I don't feel old enough to have a teenager}?? How did that happen? {ok, maybe don't answer that one}! We had a fantastic day full of hot dogs, Doritos {whats a birthday party without them?} and LaserZone! LaserZone {for those not in the know} - is an odd place where you pretend to be intergalatic soldiers and basically shoot anything that moves, or in our boys case, Uncle Richard - cos, lets face it, he's 6ft 6 and an easy target!!

For his love of reading...a book by Stephen Hawking

Due to 'somebody' forgetting their shoes (Ollie), I had to sit out as I had to lend him my thongs! Suited me as I got to watch via CCTV Rich and Mark chasing each other round and round weird objects! All we needed was some Benny Hill music - instant entertainment!

Yeah...don't they look hard???

The pavalova made a comeback (I swear its not the same one from xmas day)! - shockingly, we 'forgot' to put brandy in the cream! Ah dear, we'll just have to make another one ; )

Nikki - well ardddd!

Check out those scores!! Nikki & Rich, 1st & 2nd {all those hours playing computer games, not completely wasted then Rich??}

I should actually explain a little bit about Cameron - he really was a special delivery! He was born early at 35 weeks, weighed a whopping 8lb 3 ozs! The midwives in the SCBU laughed when he was wheeled in as he was too big for the incubators! He was also born with hydronephrosis - congenital disorder of the kidneys and 'renal pelvis dilatation' {just to add to his kidney probs}! We spent much of his first year in and out of Gt Ormond Street Hospital in London. He still has all of the above, but, touch wood, he's pretty stable and none of us have had a donate anything to him, other than money! ; ) Oh and did I mention he has Asperger's Syndrome ; )

Talking of special deliveries I also received a package from my Aunty Maggy in the UK. It contained some of my Nanna's bits and pieces that she wants me to have. My Nanna is nearly 100 and is now living in a home after having a stroke. It was weird receiving it - seeing some of my Nan's things here in Australia. Also sad, as its the end of an era - my Nan's house really has been sold!

From my Nanna X

So a HUGE thank you so much to Nan & Grandad Jones, Aunty Katy, Aunty Stacey, Carly & Andy, Uncle Rich & Nikki, Jessie and family and Jedcia and Erin for the birthday cards, pressies and money {Cameron's a big fan of the money}! It really has made his day very special indeed : )

and.... to Cameron, Happy Birthday honey! Looking forward to your next milestone....starting high school, yayyyyy!!!!

XX Annie XX


Tabitha said...

Just popped over to wish you a very Happy New Year ~ I hope 2009 brings you lots of love, luck and happiness.
Love and hugs Tabitha XXX

Amanda said...

You have a beautiful Blog ~ and wonderful picures too!
Happy New Year!
amanda x

Tanya said...

Happy New Year Annie!! Happy Birthday to Cameron... sounds like he had an awesome time! Those gifts from your Nanna are just beautiful, very sad about her home being sold! Wishing you all the very best for 2009, may it be your best year yet!! thank you for stopping by my blog & for your lovely comments!! I have really enjoyed your blog... here's to 2009 :))

t. xxxx

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