Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!!!

.....haha we thought we'd never pull it off....but, with the help of a few family members we did! So, as I type this, I'm a little weary after the days events, but so happy! We had a beautiful day; the pressie opening started at 06:00hrs and finally finished at 20:00hrs {Ollie of course, he gets sidetracked then forgets to open the rest of his pressies}, followed by a christmas brunch then an afternoon at the beach, where Nikki and I drank wine and watched the boys play cricket! In the evening, the boys tested out the Wii, while Nikki and I did the chrissy BBQ, and {most impressively} Nikki made a Pavalova!!!

The night before christmas......

Do you think he's pleased???

Yes thats right, breakfast in a bowl! Very easy to bake and looks fab!

For our wannabe Doctor {and confirmed hyperchondriac, Aaron}!

Many thanks to all our friends and family for the fab cards and emails! Thanks also to Dad and Edie, and David and Sue for the phonecalls - it means such a lot to be able to talk to you on Christmas Day! I'll try and pop as many pics as I can on here - some are a little happy snappy as they were taken with Ollie's chrissy pressie (a little Samsung Point n Shoot camera)! I didn't think he did too badly!!

Oh dear Lord! What were we thinking???? Read the smallprint??? Includes a 75 minute instruction DVD!!! Arrrggghhhh!!

Also a very, VERY special Thank You to all my clients/customers/friends {I consider you all friends}! It really is such a priviledge to be asked to photograph your little people {ooo and big people too}. I have really enjoyed watching these little ones grow and change, and I've been able to capture some precious moments, that we now have, forever. All those milestones of development; first smiles, first teeth, first belly laughs! I have enjoyed capturing all of these for you. Photography, for me, really is an art and passion - I just can't wait to continue capturing these little monkey's! So again, a huge thank you and hopefully I'll see you all next year for some more fun in the sun XXXX

Just a lil snapshot of what we've been up to!

While on the subject of piccies, I've encouraged a 'few' of you (last count 11), to go out there and get yourselves digital SLR's!! Some of you have asked for a few lessons, now I will sort these out asap, but I'm a tad behind on editing at present (approx 3 weeks behind), hopefully I should be back on track in the new year when I'll arrange some group sessions, and some individual ones - as well as some online, self-paced lessons for those of you that live a little further south than Noosa {yes thats you Mr Caldwell}!!!


Tiff said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas was had by all :o)

Mummy McTavish said...

Gald it was a wonderful Christmas. I bet that pav made it even merrier!

Tanya said...

Happy everything went so well! sounds like you all had a great day.. great pics of your great day :)))

t. xx

Mummy McTavish said...

I believe a brandy cream on top would work to grog up that pav nicely!

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