Friday, January 9, 2009

New beginings........

I've been wracking my brains thinking of resolutions for our New Year, it shouldn't be that hard, afterall, none of us are perfect! Only, I've been up all night with sick child #2, so my mind is frazzled and full of temperature readings and doses of panadol! Having 'endless' hours of 'thinking time' last night, has given me the chance to re-evaluate everything and plan some positive changes. Soooo, here goes......

#1 Do less. When you ask my boys how they 'see' me, the general response is that they 'see' the back of my head sitting at the computer, editing pics until the wee small hours! I start at 5am and finish at midnight, with various 'wee' and 'tea' breaks inbetween {gosh thats a lot of wee's}, sooo I plan to do less, and spend more time together with the boys {they'll love me for that one I'm sure ;) } This'll also give me time to catch up with family and friends - hurrahhh!!!!

#2 Walk more. Gosh we live in a beautiful part of the world. The one thing I miss is walking. I used to walk/run through the National Park 2-3 evenings a week, and it really is stunning. I miss the evening sunlight streaming through the euculyptus trees, the smell of tea tree in the warm air, having a rest and watching the surfers off of first point and Tea Tree Bay. Above all, I miss walking and chatting with friends, catching up on the days events and detressing. So, I plan to walk should be fun! So who's up for it???

#3 Have dates with my hubby. Yep, I miss him so much. We're like ships that pass in the night. I go to work, come home - he leaves and we meet on the doorstep for a quick 'handover' . It's not healthy. So we're planning to 'date', once a month a nice meal and a film, or a walk. We've actually started this resolution already! Last night, we went to the National Park, watched the surfers until sunset, then had a fab meal at the Ivory Bar, followed by a film at the cinema. It was great!

#4 To dance. I used to dance all the time, in fact, I was pretty good at it, then, like everything, I had kids. For some reason dancing wasn't the 'mummsey' thing to do, so I stopped. But, I love music and dance, I adore ballet, it was such a huge part of my childhood - I even danced at school! So, I want to dance again. Whether its ballet, or salsa, I don't mind! I might even be able to do Resolution # 3 at the same time and take Mark salsaring (is that a word)???

#5 Get organised. Ha and Ha again I can hear you cry!!! How is it, that when I'm nursing, I'm the organised and OCD person I know! When it comes to my home or business life, I'm completely the opposite!! My home life can only be described as 'chaotic'. I kinda know whats going on, but most of the time I haven't a clue. I'm bombarded with daily requests from the boys; parties,sleepovers,skatepark and my favourite "Mum can you take us to EB Games"?? The phone goes constantly! I'm a bit of a 'post-it note' girl - I have scrappy bits of 'post-it' notes everywhere, they're stuck to my desk, my monitor {my fridge} - yep this has to change! I will invest in 2 diary's - one for business - one for home life, oh and I'll get some highlighter pens! Lets see if this lasts as long as my domestic godliness faze, which, incidentally only lasted 3 days! {but we did have 3 days of cupcakes and muffins, for which the boys are very grateful} ;)

And finally, of course some more pics of what I've been up too, how cute are these littly's???

XX Annie XX


Mummy McTavish said...

Such cute little ones!

Good luck with those resolutions.

Ronnie said...

Hey Annie... let's skip the coffee and walk instead... your beach or mine? I walked the Noosa National Park this morning... just love it. Miss Ronnie Photographer

Tanya said...

Annie if only we lived closer I'd walk with you!!! I love to dance too! ballet was a major part of my life when I was younger, much younger lol!!! & salsa I'd love to give it a go! again if only we live closer! Love date nights with my hubby!!!! Good luck with your resolutions... I hope child #2 is feeling better!

take care,

t. xxxx

Tiff said...

That first picture makes me happy :o)

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