Monday, January 12, 2009


#1 Cute little crocheted hats by Marie Lamont! Shes such a clever lady! They're available from newborn-9mths in a variety of colours and styles! Thanks Marie, you're a star! Please email me for Marie's details x

#2 Frilly vintage style knickers and Lilli Kelly boots - now I just need a girl to put them on ;)

#3 Paintings by Amanda Brooks - WOW and WOW again - she's a clever girl! Check out

#4 Phat Straps! For the quirky photographer out there, bored of the usual camera straps! Check these out, I've ordered mine in Carnival Bloom!

#5 Pettiskirts! They're soooo adorable, 7 meters of tulle! Who could ask for more??? Ummm a girl? OK models line up now!

#6 My new business stationary! I can get creative too!

#7 BUMP baby tee's from

#8 My ad in Kids on the Coast magazine ;)

#9 Fantastic friends! You know who you are; you loan bits and pieces for shoots, you loan me your children, you give your valued opinion when I'm trying out new stuff - thank you thank you thank you!! You're all marvellous XX

#10 Walks on the beach with my hubby - he's just great xxxxx


Mummy McTavish said...

Am I too old for that skirt? and perhaps those shoes? Oh boy, I need a girl.

What a fun post.

Tanya said...

What's not to love!!!! Your new business stationary is awesome!!! Will send you an email :D


t. xx

Tabitha said...

Great photos!!
Love and hugs Tabitha XX

PS ~ Those baby photos are soooooo cute!!XXX

Linda said...

The photos are simply beautiful!
I've seen that skirt in a catalog and I have drooled and drooled. I would love to buy it for my 3 year old granddaughter, but at $80.00....
Just can't justify. But I still look and look and it.

AJ, SAMI, RHYLEY said...

ohhhi need one of those crochet hats for my new 2 week old baby girl!! pls give me details!!

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