Sunday, February 1, 2009

Things that make us smile......

....Ollie - he insists on having a ham and pineapple pizza whenever we go out, but then promptly and painstakeingly removes every trace of the pineapple! He's done this ever since he was 3 years old. We've tried to order just a ham pizza, but he won't eat it.........apparently it doesn't taste the same!

....Cameron - reads and digests rule books on everything! An example from this week; I got him a black pair of 'volley's for school, rather than the leather lace up school shoes, cos I think leather lace ups are 'uncool'. He read the school rule book and states "Mum I've already broken rule such n such (I can't remember the exact rule)... of the uniform dress code" - with that poor Mark is ordered to BigW to locate and purchase the said 'uncool' leather lace ups!

...Aaron - carries a first aid kit EVERYWHERE! Apparently you just never know when you're going to have an accident (funny that), but he's prepared! Think I'll stick with him!

... Mark is a geek - in fact he's the geekiest person I know! He loves anything retro from his childhood (70's) and he's the only person I know that can make anything work! He's very clever and I love him for this even more ;)

Other stuff..... the boys appear to have survived their first week of school! The school run, is, as predicted, shocking! 45mins x 2 of our lives spent in the car travelling between Peregian > Noosa > Eumundi > Peregian - every day! Just think during that 45mins x 2 (I can't count) I could be doing other stuff, like......washing, and ironing and baking muffins! Sadly, being the local taxi service, we won't have any of those nice things going on!

Congratulations to Carmel, Aiden and Kaya from on the birth of Kody! Can't wait to photograph him!

I'm still playing catch-up with shoots and pics - so if you're waiting - hold on in there!!! I can only apologise, but with christmas and life in general, things have been a tad delayed ;)

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Mummy McTavish said...

You go Ollie! Eat your own way. There are a lot of things that I dont like the texture of but I like the flavour they impart. Onion and mushrooms are two. I dont like capsicum skin but I like capsicum. It's what makes us special!

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