Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its......

back to school they go!!! {at a cost of over $4000 I might like to add}! So with fresh new uniforms, brand new calculators and sparkling lunch packs, our boys are heading off to school! I'm actually not quite sure what, if anything we achieved during the holidays?? Between all the squabbling, sleep overs, lunch orders and of course the "mummmmm, pleeeeze - YOU PROMISED!!", I appear to have slightly lost my mind! I did of course manage to lose a lens, break a lens and prang my car {all in a day}! With this in mind, I dragged my friend Carley out to Eumundi markets where we hunted down a psychic; I crossed her palm with silver ($50) and she basically told me I was tired and needed to slow down....ummmmmm...... I was kinda planning to do that anyway ;)

My resolutions are going swimmingly tho ;) I've had numerous dates with hubby, who I can confirm, is completely and utterly gorgeous! My friend Ronnie and I have walked and talked through the national park at 7am! I've also had my first gym session in oooooo, lets just say a while! And I've cut my shoots right back to one per week, which is blissful! I've also managed to finally catch up with friends {thank you Lara for driving all this way - we've soooo missed you} XXXX Oh and I now have 2 cd's of salsa music PLUS I've got myself a sewing machine to get creative (now I have all this time on my hands - oh if only)!!!

I've posted some Before and After shots, as I've had a few emails asking how much work I actually 'do' to a photograph. In all honesty, it really depends on how creative I'm feeling! Sometimes I do a lot, sometimes I do very little. So here's a couple, with a quick explanation too!!

Camera: Nikon D80
Lens: 50mm f1.8
Conditions: cloudy/overcast/beach

ISO 125 50mm f/2.8 1/500 sec
Processing: Adobe CS3
Curves to lighten and bring out blue eyes
Lasso tool to select area around Miss D - then inversed
Graussian blur filter applied to inversed area
Vingette applied to inversed area (light n glow)

Cameron: Nikon D80
Lens: 50mm f1.8
Conditions: cloudy/overcast/beach
ISO 100 50mm f2.8 1/500 sec
Processing: Adobe CS3
Imperfections removed with cloning tool
Layer mask added
Graussian blur filter applied to smooth skin
Sharpening tool to eyes and lips
Simple Colour Level 2 by Itty Bitty Actions
Light n glow applied

Now I actually prefer the before pic for this one as her freckles are too cute!

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: 50mm f1.8
Condtions: midday down the beach light and bright

ISO 100 50mm f/8.0 1/250 sec
Processing: Adobe CS3
Cropped Painted handprints removed from belly using clone tool and airbrushed smooth
Edges burnt
Layer added and desaturated
Layer added - lasso tool used to draw around Lyndall - inversed to select outer area
Layer added - grassian blur filter applied to soften edges
Vingette layer applied
Texturiser filter applied to give canvas style effect

Just one thing left to be said......... Happy Australia Day everyone!!!

XX Annie XX


Mummy McTavish said...

I've been meaning to say all week that today is the day for that pav but I think the day calls for some Bundy Rum in the cream instead of brandy. You know, to be all patriotic and all:) oh, and no kiwi fruit on Australia Day.

Ronnie said...

Hi Annie,
The walk through National Park was great! Nearly 2 hrs of walking, chatting and loving where we live. I kicked a tent peg while camoing and can't wear shoes for a while but should be all good when I get back from NQ. See you then for another walk and talk meet. Ronnie

Josette - Sprout Photography said...

Hi Annie...these pregnant shots are gorgeous. Thank you so much for posting some before and after info...I'm always interested in what other photographers 'do' to there photos. Just one more quick do you put music to your blogspot page??
Thanks again...I look forward to your next blog.

Josette - Sprout Photography said...

Thanks so much for that Annie, it worked a treat.

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