Thursday, March 26, 2009

In need of a break...... or maybe not!

Kids, you gotta love em, they take things literally. Just like the other day when I 'may' have mentioned I was in need of a serious break after all that moving.......... two days later, a phonecall from Cameron's high school...... "ummm Mrs Jones we think Cameron has broken his hand" - it was only a 'think' so I wasn't concerned, a few hours later, the poor kids in plaster, yep broken!
That was Child #1

Then came Child #2.......

"Ummm Mrs Jones, Ollie's had a fall, can you come and get him" - of course I 'dashed (ish)' to the school {time for a quick latte first}. Ollie's lying in sick bay looking all sorry for himself, it didn't look broken to me so I marched him to the car {or rather I told him to 'stop moaning and walk properly'} .......... shocking mothering skills! A few hours later........ yep he's in plaster too!

....ummmmm yesss, so I'm now waiting for DOCS/social services to knock at the door....will they take Child #3 even tho theres nothing wrong with him? After all, I did say I was in need of a break? Quite fancy a trip to Fiji!
and some more of what we've been up to......

#1 a trip to Ikea to grab some of the coolest furniture for the boys bedrooms - have to mention, I'm possibly not the best person to Ikea-shop with, I'm surprised there aren't more 'Ikea-induced divorces' , in fact bugger the 'Parents Room', lets have a 'Marriage Counselling' room! {or maybe they're the same thing?}

#2 bub's bub's and more bub's - some of the cutest around {hats made by Mad About Colour -}, ahhhhh I love my job!

#3 cleaning the pool - Mark would say this is a job in itself!!!! {his job, not mine}

#4 Nursing! Yes thats right nursing! With the very gorgeous Miss Rachel leaving, we're nurse-less, so I'm nursing full time for a bit - I do love nursing, on and off, I'm hoping working full time for a few weeks won't put a dampener on things! Or maybe it'll make me appreciate my other job ;)

XX Annie XX


Mummy McTavish said...

HOLY COW! I'm seeing my future here... 2 breaks????

But they are absolutely beautiful babies! I showed Wolf the loooong hat, he's not a fan. Pitty, I love it!

Annabel said...

Oh dear Annie. Impossible to get through childhood without something I think.... Nice timing boys. :D

Hope the house is ok.


Tanya said...

Annie you've certainly had a rough time of it lately!!! I love the striped hat.. OMG it's just perfect!! I hope your new house is going well! Take care....

t. xxxx

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