Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Ray of Light.......

in our topsy turvy world....... Its been raining, not a little A LOT! In fact its rained so much, I've taken to swimming the kids the school! Front stroke, back stroke a spot of crawl...I don't care as long as they get there ;) Yesterday however, I shuffled out of bed, onto the verandah for a very British "cup of tea", and was met by the most amazing rays of sunlight streaming through the euculyptus trees. It was beautiful, very calming; I sat and watched the sunrise over Noosa Heads, in the quiet, reflecting on everything that has happened since the move, good and bad. I felt at ease with everything. Despite a lack of the few essentials (I class the internet as one of those), I do feel at home here......(although another trip to Ikea would make it even homelier for sure) - that is aimed at Mark ;)

Reflection at 5.30am is not only good for the soul, but sets you up for the day; it also reminds me of what I'm missing since my hours zoomed to almost 50 per week {eekkk I must be mad}! I'm missing walking with Miss Ronnie through the national park, I'm missing lattes with my friends as we chat and giggle by the beach and I'm missing my Tibetan bowl sessions, meditation and of course my singing with Miss Linda!!! {I'm hoping this will all be rectified very soon} !

So whilst I am AWOL at the mo, I do plan to return to those things very very soon ;)

On the subject of all things friendly, thanks heaps to Miss Stacy and Miss Katy for my lovely homecoming cards. I miss you both so much, 12,000 miles is suddenly a long, long way away :(

And to the very beauty-full Miss Tanya and her family, her gorgeous daughter Amanda gave birth to little Lachlan a few days ago and he is.......swooningly perfect! So proud of you all and Tanya you are most definately one scrummy nanna!

The boys continue to 'mend' - Cameron is plaster free {hurrah}, Ollie has a few weeks to go before he's all healed. I guess they've learnt they're not as invinceable as Mr Invinceable afterall! And my child health nurse always assured me they bounce....... pffftttttt! (that was me tutting in disgust)

XX Annie XX


Regni said...

What an absolutely stunning photo, and the words you've added to it are so beautiful. That would be such a serene moment - I can smell the fresh rain and the sun warming the eucaluptus trees all the way to Norway!

Ronnie said...

I love the way you see beauty in everything Annie... love "A Ray of Light"... Ronnie Noosa Wedding Photographer

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