Monday, April 20, 2009

In the Pink.....

....just around the house as I'm supa-busy and haven't been able to achieve anything remotely 'arty' at the moment :( Thank you to Miss Linda for my Tibetan bowl meditation this pm - gosh I needed it {I'm one hyper girl if I don't do that} - hard to believe I know :) Looking forward to my walk with Miss Ronnie on Friday and of course Brooke and Rikki's wedding! Its sure to be a beautiful event {fingers crossed I capture it ok}! Nervous? Nooooooooo {deep breaths}!
....feeling in the pink, hence the lovely tints in the pics!

Cute? To me I just see the words TRANSFATS written all over them! {pretty tho}


Rox said...

wow i love your snapshots. and i love it more that you're a natural light photographer. i really admire that kind of photography because you really capture the real beauty of the moments in your camera. i wish i could do it just like you do.

Funky Photography said...

ah thank you Rox, I think it all came about as I hated using the flash and had one of those awful cameras where it would pop up! I found that by adjusting everything to how I liked it and shooting in the 'right' light I could achieve more depth and emotion {trying to think of a better term}!!! Thank you again love annie x

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