Friday, May 1, 2009


for a break {and not involving limbs this time}. My cameras and I are having a well earned break, as I have a huge backlog of editing and orders to do, so, if you're waiting for pics, please be patient!

No sessions will be booked between the 1st May and the 1st September 2009. For weddings please visit . Ronnie & Kristy are the best wedding photographers in Noosa! For children/family portraits, please contact the very gorgeous Miss Karen Buckle.

Other stuff....... Ollie is out of his cast! Hurrah! Unfortunately it wasn't in time for our own photo shoot with Miss Karen Buckle, but never mind, its now documented forever! {incidentally, the boys were awful for the shoot - they definately suffer from 'CPS' - child of photographer syndrome} - all are heavily afflicted! Symptoms include; cheekiness {as soon as the cameras out}, pulling of funny faces, bickering, attention seeking, showing off, rudeness and generally being pains in the arse! Mark and I on the other hand, were perfectly behaved ;)

Congratulations to my very beauty-full friends Brooke & Rikki, what a wonderful day we had! Everything was perfect and of course Brooke, looked stunning. Fingers crossed I managed to capture all this beauty!

I've also been able to spend a lovely couple of days with the Roberts family and the Kelly family! We had so much fun! ;) Again pics being edited!

XX Annie XX


Mummy McTavish said...

Ahh, CPS, a tag I can stick to my kids at our next shoot and have the photographer actually feel sorry for me that my kids have this 'affliction' insted of wondering if the ferals were raised by me or by a suburban monkey family. Then she'll go and tell her friends about the poor lady with the CPS kids and they'll say 'what's that' and she'll say 'well I don't really know but it looked really bad'. I've always known there was something wrong with my kids;)

Sorry for the novel, I couldn't stop my brain once it started.

Funky Photography said...

lol thats made me smile - so its not just my kids!!!! Hurrah! Little scamps they are! Wondering what on earth poor Karen managed to capture in amongst all of the tears and tantrums? I dare say the pics will be 'interesting' xxx

Ronnie said...

Hi Annie,

The wedding photos look gorgeous.
Enjoy your holiday from nehind the camera but rtemember to look up from your computer regularly. Thanks for the wedding referalls... we LOVE weddings at

Ronnie said...

PS..If you don't look up you will make lots of silly typos... like me!!! Ronnie

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