Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sneek Peek.........

...... for Meg & Chris. I cannot begin to tell you the fun we had on their wedding day! It was everything a wedding should be; relaxed, happy, full of characters, full of laughter and especially full of lots and lots of l. o. v. e.

I met Meg & Chris last year for their engagement shoot, and, madly they booked me for their wedding! Worst, they got Mark as a second shooter (hehe, only kidding baby - you did amazingly well)! A new career for him I think! {all the boys pictures were taken by Mark after a very quick lesson - the night before, in composition, aperture and exposure - nothing like good preparation is there?}

We hit Scarborough Beach, where the sun shone, Meg looked radiant and of course Chris looked dapper in his whistle & flute (thats my pommie talk for a suit)!

We had lots of photo ideas involving parasols....ummmmm, they didn't 'quite' happen; something to do with lack of time and light I think. {most people that know me want to chop my arms and slap me with them as 'light' I adore, but its also my biggest bug bear}!

Mark and I also received a lesson in 'Redcliffe Lingo' - anyone else heard of 'Pluggers'??? I thought not! Apparently, pluggers are thongs/jandles/flip-flops! Interesting huh?
Did you know from Redcliffe the sun sets to the west over the Glasshouse Mountains? Nope we didn't either! It was gorgeous, the whole sky over the water turned an amazing dusky pink colour...........

So to Meg & Chris, Nikki, Paula, Dan and Wade, plus your gorgeous parents, here's a sneek peek from the day. I hope you are both having a wonderful honeymoon and I shall be in touch very soon. XXXX

A 'touch' of pink......

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