Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pretty-ness, floral, lacey, vintage, I love it all. Unfortunately, my boys protest if I ever bring any of the aforementioned things anywhere near them! How fabulous then to be able to go prop shopping for girly girl things for little Miss Jess! Wow! I never knew such choices existed, I could have easily cleared the shelves at Think Kids in Noosa {fortunately Mark was there to stop me}!

Little Miss Dempsey also introduced me to Yellow Clothing - adorable designer dresses perfect for a spring time shoot (only in winter, so we had to do it quickly as it was a tad chilly). Thank you Dempsey, & Simone and girls for loaning me your beautiful dresses ;) Beautiful gerbarah daisies from Noosa House of Flowers thanks Jennifer ;)


Tanya said...

Awesome work Annie!! LOVE the processing on the first two photos, they have a lovely vintage feel to them!! It's VERY expensive having girls, but I LOVE it... they are so much fun to buy for!

Mummy McTavish said...


stunning photos as usual!

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