Monday, July 13, 2009

A Rockin July!

for no other reason than I've finally had some time to try some 'stuff' out! So, armed with tutu's (thanks Ally, ballet shoes, fish nets and ipods, Simone & I headed to Eumundi's Butter Factory, with her 3 very gorgeous girls who ARE willing models (we didn't have to bribe them at all - unlike my boys)! The weather was awesom, and despite my camera playing up (or maybe it was user error) I got what I wanted. Thanks Simone for taking pics of me, I'm really not one for having my pic taken, in fact, I go into this nervous sweat - but we persisted, altho I think its fair to say I will never be able to perform the 'sultry' look as well as her 9 year old!

Oh and guess who has finally made an appearance??? The very gorgeous yummy mummy Kelly gave birth on the 3rd of July to little Christian who is the cruisest bub I know! He has been stripped naked, poked, prodded, flashed at, put into all kind of positions - and he........ slept and slept and slept! So congratulations to Kelly Nic and Oliver - he's just the best addition to your family!

But the BIGGEST news of all??? The boys go back to school after a very lloonngggg half term! I do believe my friends have suddenly realised that 'sometimes' I just don't cope that well with being a Mum - like for example last Thursday when I got fed up of Aaron being a cheeky little sh*t and demanded he get out of my car. After some tears (not from me I was being heartless) and begging (that was from me), he finally got out and started walking home. I called Mark and told him "come and get him please" - Mark was at work and promptly arrived in the cop car to escort the little bugger home.......... yes happy days indeed......

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Mummy McTavish said...

Don't you love a public meltdown (from kid or mummy)? Problem is for my boys, daddy picking them up is a treat! Some days I think I'll go insane if daddy doesnt get home IMEDIATELY!

I love the rock chick photos... and the baby photos... wish you lived closer, I'm figuring I'll have to do my own. 6 weeks to go!

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