Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rainy daze.......

its almost a certainty here in Australia, that if we're not enduring a drought, we 're drowning in flood waters caused by 'full moons/king tides and cyclones'! Yes........ our weather sure is nothing but unpredictable! With our tanks almost empty {yes guys we're self sufficient and collect our own rainwater for everything from drinking to flushing the loo}, and our pool going below the pump line..... I think its fair to say I had a few sleepless nights wondering when our next rainfall would be! But fear not! Cyclone Olga (or 'ex cyclone' Olga as the weather guru's are calling her) has come up trumps! With lashings and lashings of rain we now have a full tank - yayyyyyy! We also have a few trees down, and one rather large gum that is listing heavily to the right.......ooops! Time to get the chain saw out! But we can't have everything!

So here are a few rainy daze pics.......can't shoot in this weather, not everyone sees the 'art' in drowned rat pictures??? So I've resorted to taking pics of .......well the sky, and trees and raindrops and Ollie!

Happy birthday to my niece Lottie! Pressie is in the post (ish) - {by 'ish' I mean its wrapped and sitting next to me on my desk with my full intention of posting it tomorrow} ;) Miss you guys so much xxxxxx

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Tanya said...

Love your rainy daze pics Annie & so glad your tanks & pool are full :) xx

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