Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Easter Holidays!

We had planned a very full on, busy Easter, but like all plans it didn't quite turn out how we wanted! Firstly we were assured it would rain (it did, but at night) then Cameron broke his foot pole dancing......... ok well not quite pole dancing but he was being silly and swung around it so hard he cracked his foot on it! After a lot of laughter we actually realised something was wrong (it started swelling, oh and went black)! Poor kid!

Besides that Easter has flown by. The boys all had sleepovers, Cameron's mate Jacob came over followed by Aaron's friend Bodhi. As you can see they played a bit of dress up in Mark's very stylish uniform, or the 'convict suit' as we like to call it!

The eggy hunt was done inside as temps outside 29 degrees. Good job too as even inside most of the eggs were a tad soft! Aside from long walks on the beach and a bit of star gazing (the milky ways above our house and we never realised it) we've had a quiet Easter.

One of the places we visited was fab - its called the Big Kart Track, located about a 40 min drive away next to Australia Zoo! Boys had a great time racing the karts. They're looking forward to when they're 5ft (like me) as they'll be able to go on the big track!

Love to everyone and thanks ever so for all your text's, emails and cards.

Take care love Annie, Mark and boys

Noosa NP with Sunshine and Peregian Beach in distance

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