Monday, April 23, 2007

Summers Ending.........

Well with the close of ANZAC day we finally head into winter. Time to reflect on how the summer's gone here! We've done lots of bush walking, swimming, sailing, surfing, snorkelling,bbq's, picnics, water rugby and of course cricket!!!! Temperatures are dropping at night, with all of us fighting for the duvet! Today it was a balmy 30 degrees with a storm rolling in over Noosa. Trust me, thats chilly!

I'm really loving my days off from work. I drop the kids at school at 8am then just head down the beach for some R&R. I'm often met by other Mum's in the area, we compare notes, chat and giggle but ultimately just go to laze under a palm tree, sand between our toes and listen to the waves. After school, I collect the boys and we head back down the beach for some swimming and snorkelling. Weekends are full of sleepovers, bbq's and sunset picnics. I can't really put into words just how much more relaxed I feel after work, knowing that I'm in my own little bit of paradise.

Thanks to everyone for the emails I've received saying how helpful they've found this site, especially those migrating here. I think it's very important not to wear those those rose tinted specs, but come here with an open mind and accept that no where is perfect. Crime, graphitti, litter and chavs (bogans here) occur everywhere. I think we've chosen a pretty good place to bring up the kids though, knowing what we were coming into has definately helped us settle. We don't appear to have homesickness. Occasionally we think and talk about the UK; all the nice things, cute country lanes, colourful flowers, rolling green hills, snow, pubs with roaring fires, all the history and culture! It just makes us appreciate where we lived in the UK.

A big thanks to Dad and Edie for the boys clothes. T-shirts and boardies always welcome! We seem to go through them here a lot!

Lots more planned this long do I carry this blog on?????
XXXX Annie & Co
in the river!

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