Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Madness in May!

What a start to May, busy, busy, busy! Firstly we've been spending some time four wheel driving on Noosa's beautiful North Shore! Weather was just perfect, so we grabbed the kids, a picnic and $5 for the ferry! 75 miles of untouched beach, people fishing, sun bathing (tut tut) and of course surfing (watch out for those sharks)! We made the boys climb the sand dunes, or 'coloured sands' as they're called locally (sorry we didn't 'make' them, we encouraged them)! Had a fab time, got covered in red dust and we didn't get bogged (unlike the last attempt at crossing Freshwater Creek which saw us waiting an hour for another vehicle to turn up with some big strong aussie males)!

After all that excitement, we headed to the river for some sarnies. Mark did some studying and I wrote a letter to my Nanna (happy birthday chick, 21 again)!

Over the weekend we headed down the Gold Coast to Dreamworld. Haven't been to the CG for over 3 years and boy did I get a shock! Whats with all the rubbish and graphitti everywhere? Oh and so so dry, does it not rain there??? And whats with the temperature..... we all had to put our woolies on! It was FREEZING!

Had fun at Dreamworld but definately glad to get back to our neck of the woods! Driving was just so stressy, we got to North Lakes (just north of Brisbane) and I started to relax, yep I was homesick for Noosa!

Oh and we met some famous people at Dreamworld too! Patti, Chris and Kimberly from Aussie's Biggest Loser (ok UK folk, you won't have a clue who they are, basically overweight peeps competeing to lose weight for $200k). And we met the boys from Powderfinger (apparently an indie/rock band) - ah who cares!

Cameron and his mate Jacob had a great time, Aaron completed not 1, not 2 but 19 goes on the rollercoaster! But he didn't brave the Giant Drop (he's not that stupid)! Mark and I managed to go on 'The Claw' without collapsing, although we were pretty damn close (Mark admits to still shaking after an hour)! I swear they went higher and longer just cos we were on there.

We patted the roos in Koala Country, glanced at the crocs (hey they do nothing for me) and the boys tried to catch a few lizards (well they have these weird blue tongues)!

I apologise about the lack of pics containing Cameron, now he's 12 he's developed a phobia of the camera! Aaron and Ollie are making up for him tho!

ummmm, a sign of things to come perhaps?

Soooo, things to come in May: Ollie's 8th birthday, Mark's graduation ceremony and Mark's birthday!

Love to everyone over there in the UK. Thanks to Nan and Grandad Jones for the pressies, Jedcia and Erin for the cards and gifts, and everyone else for the emails. Its good to keep in touch! Lots love Annie, Mark, Cam Aaron and Ollie X

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