Monday, May 14, 2007

A Monster Mothers Day!

Wahhooo its Mothers Day! Did I get taken out for a nice meal with friends and family? Nope! Did I get an indulgence spa package and fresh flowers? Nope! Did I get taken on a river cruise where I could laze in the sun and sip champers? Ummmmm nope! Did I get taken to a Monster Truck rally? YES!!!!

A fab evening was had by one and all (considering we were surrounded by Chav's)! As we lined up at the gates I was aware that we were surrounded by people smoking, drinking Red Bull and wearing Holden racing shirts! Yep we were in Boganville (please visit ) kinda the Aussie equivilent of our Chav's! Sooo the weather .....well it rained to start off with then cleared up! We went armed with tarps, blankets, towels and chairs! Entertainment great! Big Monster Trucks a huge hit with the boys (drivers not bad looking either so a hit with the Mum's out there too). Firework displays amazing! Event organised by these people:

Ollie has also turned 8! A massive thanks to Aunty Katy for his $$$'s, he put the money towards a new didgeridoo and also had a camel ride and went on a junior bungy jump! His mate Dean came over for a sleepover, so we had a BBQ (of course) and spent some time at the beach and river! Ollie decided to push the boundaries and, to be perfectly honest was a little shit! However a quick stop off at the cop shop soon persuaded him to toe the line!

The other big thing is Mark has finally fiished his 'transfer' training (hurrah, hurrah)! No more exams, no more assessments - just a managment portfolio to do for a senior conny post! Thanks to all his colleagues in the UK for being so supportive. Some parts have been pretty tough (firearms was an eye opener)! He'll be sure to show you around Noosa Police Station when you come for a hol!

Mark also turned a big 35! Now for some reason, he keeps on saying how old he is/feels. Isn't that suppose to happen when your 40? I think he's being a tad premature (again)!

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