Thursday, October 25, 2007

Steaming October!

Phew! Its hotting up up here! Been a busy month - sorry for not updating sooner (yes Kats I got your email)! Ok where do I start? Well the Indy took place on the Gold Coast - we didn't go as we've been there done that! By all accounts it was a good weekend! With the weather warming up we've had a few storms - in fact we've had some bloody fab storms! Love em (as long as the lightenings not hitting anything of ours)!

Kids have returned to school - Aaron has a broken nose already, swim schools also begun as has Cameron's surf awareness lessons! The way he gets smashed about in the surf - I think he needs it! Aside from that the boys have taken up fishing again!

Mark is well - his motorbike went into the mechanics AGAIN! Hefty bill of $600 - not actually sure what they fixed but I'm sure it wasn't $600 worth! He's taking a well earned break from work in 2 weeks as Debbie and Gerry are visiting us from the UK - hurrah!! Can't wait to see you guys!

Our friends Sarah and Si are also moving over this way in less than 4 weeks! More pommies to keep us company!

I'm busy at work and with my business Funky Photography 'Art Love Life' - don't seem to get a minute to myself! We're planning a nice holiday in January before I go into hospital for my nose job - yes you heard me I'm finally having it fixed after 25 yrs! Hopefully Mark won't be taking any snaps of the op!

In prep for the op I've got a personal trainer! her names Nikki and she really pushes me! I'm so sore! Self inflicted tho!

A MASSIVE Happy Birthday to Jedcia - Cameron misses you lots!

OK will sign off but put some pics of what we've been up too this month

take care lots love Annie and Co X

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