Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whats in a Name???

Having only a few days off a week to do my photography has been really frustrating, especially since I got my new name! After much family discussion, mostly involving me saying 'I'm sooo not happy with Annie Jones Photography' - Aaron (yess Aaron) came up with 'Funky Photography'! He said it was my style that involved my passion for art, love and life! I'm so happy with him, my friend Susie is also pretty chuffed with the name, especially after all the debates we had involving many a glass of wine! Hurrah Aaron - Susie and I will no longer be alcoholics!

My website is up and running, altho I'm sooo not happy with it (done by mark - need I say more)???? Not sure I can change it either so I won't be giving the details out just yet - ummmm what a waste of $$$$'s!

I now have the lovely task of chaging my ATO, ABN number - greatt!!!!

Other news - well not much really! Work is work, nursing is nursing - cervix's are cervix's - luckily I appear apt at finding the sneaky buggers! I always seem to be saying 'when I give up nursing' - but I can't ever seem to 'find' that moment???? The patients are utterly gorgeous! Could I really leave all that, especially as I've been snapper happy since I was 17 and have managed to combine the 2????

OK, so Fern , Court's brithday pressie posted - hurrah I'm not a complete failure! Whether I make xmas is debateable!!!

Annie X

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