Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hose Pipe Days & a Super Princess!

It was like a flashback to the 70's in our garden yesterday.......37 degrees, no pool and 4 very hot children (its ok, I haven't magically produced another one, Cameron's best mate Jacob was over for the weekend)! So we did what any other stinking hot sweaty family would do - got the hosepipe out! Not just the hosepipe......empty bottles of coke became water bombs (they obviously hurt) and the boys made a water slide with a large blue tarp and a whole bottle of Fairy liquid (thats washing up liquid to all you Aussies - not something gay people wash with)!

Have to say - endless hours of fun and some fab photo opportunities! Now talking of pics, I have to dedicate this particular blog update to a fellow photographer and wonder ful Mum Sheye Rosemeyer. A year ago on the 5th Feb, Sheye and her beautiful family lost their very precious little girl in a tragic accident. Ava was just 3. Sheye's raising awareness of Ava's accident, to prevent it from happening to other families. She has been so brave and is an inspiration to us all.

Ava's accident was tragic but preventable. Ava went looking for lollies in her Mum's car - she closed the door. It was a hot day, the outside temp was in the 30's, inside the car temp to 50 degrees, Ava died. They believe the extreme heat caused brain damage.

There are some simple rules to help stop this happening again. Ava's accident was not an isolated one, an 18mth old baby died when his Mum left him alseep in the car while she unloaded the shopping from the car boot. In NSW two brothers also died when they accidentally locked themselves in their parents car.

You have to think like a 3 year old. How many times when you were younger do you recall climbing into your parents car to pretend to drive? Or seeking refuge when playing hide and seek, or escaping from brothers and sister (ummm just me there then)???? The difference is, we grew up in a cooler climate. In Australia, you cannot take any risks;

Park your car in the garage or under shelter

Never leave your children or babies in the car - it sounds common sense but I still see parents doing this when they're just popping into the shop or getting the kids from school. The inside temp in a car will rise to over 50 degrees within minutes. Don't take the risk!

Lock your car when parked and hide the keys away where children and toddlers can't reach them.

Teach your children how to raise the alarm if they get accidentally left in the car (it happens, ask Cameron) - get them to lean on the horn or bang on the window.

Please visit Ava's memorial website, there are beautiful images of her and her family plus extra tips on keeping your littlens safe.

On a different note - my foot festish is getting worst! I love photographing feet - big feet, small feet and new baby feet! Yet, i would never be able to touch them - weird!

Good Luck to Rachel and Mike, baby No 3 - due oooooooo, any day!!!!

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