Saturday, March 15, 2008

14 Days - I'm STILL swollen!

Ah dear, 14 days post op, still swollen and bruised - will it ever be normal again???? Hope so as I return to work soon!

A massive congrats to Ali who has given birth to a gorgeous baby girl, Maddison Karryn Walker on the 14th March, a tiny 6lbs! Proud Grandma Karryn is ecstatic! Can't wait to take some pictures!

More congrats to our very clever little boy Cameron - he starts with St Theresa's Catholic College in January! He won't admit it, but I think he's chuffed with himself!

Also we bid a fond farewell to our Dr Francis! Is he retiring? Nope - he's gone to work for Skin Alert, Noosaville! We'll all miss him so much! Maybe a few of us will be fast on your heels Francis???? Watch this space!

The issues with Westpac are continuing. Apparently this whole Easyjet thing is a huge scam thats gone on for years with credit/debit cards. Investigation officers are apparently doing all they can (doesn't feel like it when your money's been nicked and your 12,000 miles away)! We'll have to watch how it unfolds!

Good luck to Rich has has moved back in with our parents! Its only until he's saved enough money then he'll move over here and do some travelling - can't wait!

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